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The benefits of reading before bed

The benefits of reading before bed

More than a habit, it’s fun. Reading before sleep frees us from a day's worry. It is a private moment where we immerse ourselves in a sea of ​​letters, in a world of possibilities that leads us by the hand and takes the mind to exciting scenarios. This habit is one of our brain’s favourites because it likes to be nourished, stimulated and seduced every night...

Unsuspected benefits

Take a relaxing shower, put on comfortable clothes, make a good tea, then go to bed with a book. It’s simple, economical and rewarding. More so, it can even change our lives in several ways.

For those who think we are exaggerating, just refer to what science tells us. Reading before sleep is ultimately a simple form of happiness that you shouldn't give up.

An effective form of relaxation

A study by the organisation “The Sleep Council” in the UK concluded with something very interesting. Namely, reading between half an hour or an hour just before sleeping significantly reduces our stress levels. The mind becomes distracted and wanders away from our daily pressures. We allow it to free itself and feel safe. Likewise, it has been possible to demonstrate that our muscles also relax, our breathing slows down and becomes more rhythmic. According to experts reading is the best alternative compared to television or electronic devices. The bright screens "trick" the brain into believing it is still daylight. This is all due to blue light, which directly reduces the production of melatonin thus making bit harder to fall asleep.


Strengthen your cognitive resistance

Although at this time we still cannot cure neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer, there are preventions that can be considered. We have the opportunity to train our brain to make it more resistant and stronger in the face of cognitive decline. One way to do this is to read. Also, if we get into the habit of reading right before sleep, we optimise our brain processes even more. We manage stress better therefore sleep better. Our memory, mental agility and imagination are fully fully stimulated.


True creativity boost

A relaxed brain promotes a creative mind. A person who, night after night, nourishes himself with incredible stories, new cultures and fabulous discoveries, pushes even further his inventiveness, originality and possibility of creation.

It improves our empathy

Many studies have shown that reading helps us be more empathic. Novels and stories offer us a unique opportunity to develop this ability. We identify with the characters, we suffer with them, we laugh and we love by their side. All of this leaves a mark. All of this allows us to further improve our empathic abilities. On the other hand, and curious as it may sound, reading before sleep improves this process. We reflect a lot more on our readings during that time. We're more focused on capturing emotions, making them more vivid in our brain.


Enjoy greater inner calm

Few things can be more negative than going to bed in a bad mood. But don’t worry, we can “break” this cycle of worry by reading enjoyable book. It allows us to be a different person, with other routines, other skins and other missions. We can, just for half an hour or more, allow ourselves to connect with a parallel universe far away from our reality. Doing so, giving yourself those daily moments of peace trains our brain in the art of relaxation. So do not hesitate to practice this exercise every night. Your health is worth it.

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